Lady of the Year - LOTY

This activity began even before the Back-Up Chords began. Since 1971, each year a person is chosen (by the three previous ‘loty’s’) who really helped the Chapter in many ways through volunteer work for the benefit of the chorus? The chosen ‘queen’ is presented at the annual Awards and Installation Banquet. A poem is read to describe her, and only at the end does everyone know who it is. Her husband escorts her to the front for placement of a tiara, corsage and the framed poem is given to her. Sometime during the poem, the ‘queen’ recognizes herself, but she keeps it to herself until the name is revealed to all.

Award Recipients:

2013 Barbara Bieck
2012 Pat Hansing
2011 Sue Rusch
2010 Linda Stoller
2009 Pat Hall
2008 Lara Lind
2007 Jean Curler
2006 Mary Beth Mohr
2005 Hannah Spoon
2004 Judy Krueger
2003 Vicki Manke
2002 Ellie Olmstead
2001 Harriet Luetzow
2000 Mary La Chance
1999 Donna Chamberlain
1998 Shirley Pinnow
1997 Marjorie Christianson
1996 Claire Neuenthal
1995 Carol Everson
1994 Delores Hetue
1993 Wava Jean Nelson
1992 Audry Tuinstra
1991 Ramona Indgjer
1990 Natalie Indgjer
1989 Donna Johnson
1988 Helen Anderson
1987 Kathy Millbrandt
1986 None awarded
1985 Donna Willegal
1984 Kristine Rice
1983 Mary Jo Olson
1982 Martha Shaw
1981 Bernice Johnson
1980 Sue Harris
1979 Barb Kiskunas
1978 Mary Shea
1977 Linda Strong
1976 Jane LaFevre
1975 Harriet Folts
1974 Dorothy Deyer
1973 Muriel Kongslein
1972 Ethel Gray
1971 Dorothy Botsford